Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Mar A Lago, President Trump, and Small Business Owners

No matter how you feel about President Trump and his controversial policies, one thing is certain, he loves Mar A Lago, which he dubs the 'Winter White House'. As you may know, Mar A Lago is based in Palm Beach, Florida and it has become a regular weekend stop for the President to conduct business and relax.

President Trump's regular visits to the location have the Secret Service swarming the local area to make sure it is safe and secure for the President. However, the infrastructure that is currently in place in Palm Beach makes it a bit difficult to secure the President effectively. In turn, there are often traffic jams and delays near the resort. Is President Trump costing small business owners valuable business and customers by his weekend visits?

According to newly released data, it shows that there is a decline in international tourism this year. While some may point to President Trump's provocative rhetoric as being part of the cause as to why tourists are a bit weary to travel to Florida, most experts agree that it is too soon to draw a connection, and evidence, to those two factors.

Last year, Florida brought 112.8 million visitors into the economy. This is the highest amount of foot traffic Florida has seen in the last six years, and that's saying a lot as each year of those last six years tourism has increased. A majority of those who visit Florida came from domestic travelers, roughly 98 million, and the remaining (14.8m) came from international travelers.

According to Kayak, a popular travel search engine, flight searches from Europe to Tampa are down by 21%. Also according to Kayak, flight searches from the UK have 'fallen off a cliff' this summer as it's fallen close to 60% in searches. So are these lack of searches related to a 'Trump Slump'? As we are investigating this in early March, it's hard to say. So, what can business owners do in the meantime?

Based on our predictions here at Liquor License FL, we'd say that Florida's tourism and economic market will still continue to rise despite the current political climate. Yes, it's a bold statement, especially right after Visit Florida's budget cuts. However, Florida has a lot of attractions that appeal to tourists all over the world, stuff they simply can not experience anywhere else. We also have heavy investments by corporations like Disney where it is in their best interest to keeping Florida's 'magical' appeal. Should business owners panic because of President Trump? Of course not! Florida's market is doing great and it will continue to rise.

So, if you'd like to become a business owner today and have the ability to sell liquor at your own bar or restaurant, then feel free to contact us. We'll be more than happy to walk you through our process and get your dream business set up!

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