Monday, July 10, 2017

Nearly Retired and Bored to Happy and Engaged Bar Owner

We have several types of customers coming through our door, but you'd be surprised by how some of our customers just aren't ready to retire. We have guys (and gals) heading into their early 50's-mid 50's who always had a dream of owning their own bar. Florida is an excellent place for our retiring folk. We have great prices, great weather, and great people! What more can you really ask for?

Some of our soon-to-be retired folk just aren't ready to give up and leave the work force just yet. They still got a couple more years before they're ready to settle down. However, going back into their specialized profession does have its challenges.

For example, employers and recruiters are looking for younger and less experienced for less pay. It can be hard for a mid-50's professional to find work. Employers just don't want to pay our more senior citizens. They get a bad rep for not being 'flexible' in their training, and although that couldn't be further from the truth, seniors will all tell you the same thing – it's impossible to get hired at this age. 

So, what do they do? Instead of trying to re-enter the workforce again and worry about the rat race and their bosses breathing down their necks. Many of our soon-to-be retired folk prefer to start their own business. They get to be their own boss, set their own schedule, and take it easy while they get a pension check!

The bar or restaurant lifestyle can be an ideal place for them to start. Although, as a senior citizen getting ready to retire, you can pick the hot spots where spring breakers often visit to party or you can move closer to a retirement home, a nursing home, and cater to people who have a more calmer lifestyle. It's all up to you!

We are a liquor license broker and can help walk you through the process of securing the right license for the kind of business you wish to open. As there are many different types of licenses in Florida, it is best to leave out the guesswork and seek the guidance of a professional company with many years of experience to assist with your licensure. When you come to a broker like us, it simplifies the licensing process which leave you time to tend more important matters.

Do not wait months to get your business on the road. We can help you today! You will never feel ripped off when you work with us because we make sure our clients get the best deals on their liquor licenses. We know how much a typical license goes for in your country and we always base our prices off market value. You'll never overpay for a liquor license under our watch!

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