Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Proposed Bill Would Allow Brewers to Deliver Beer Straight to The Bar

Some promising news today for brewers in Florida. Florida lawmakers have proposed a new bill that would allow local craft breweries the ability to distribute beer, without the use of a third-party company, straight to bars. If the Senate Bill 554 is passed, brewers could see this law take effect as soon as July 1st.

This would allow breweries to deliver their own personal kegs straight to bars and restaurants, which is, at this point in time, illegal under the current law. The reason for the proposed law is because under the current system, it makes it harder for small breweries to distribute their product to the general public. They have to use a third-party distributor if they wish to see their product reach popular bars and other restaurant hubs.

For many brewers, this is excellent news. If they are able to avoid a third-party distributor, not only does it open more doors for local business owners, but it also opens the door to the general public and international tourists to taste local, Florida-made, beer. Microbreweries are becoming a popular choice for many young individuals who are seeking something different from the same old same old, mainstream-produced beer. The ability to get your product into the hands of more people is an exciting prospect.

We will simply have to wait to see if this bill gets any traction to comment further, but this is definitely a step towards the right direction. We'd have to see how Florida lawmakers will handle licenses. Will they force brewers to apply for a brand new alcohol license or will their current one be significant?  Only time will tell. We can only assume that lawmakers would require brewers to have both a manufacturer and distributor license. It would be interesting to see how the distributor industry fairs with a bill like this being passed. Obviously, it seems to only apply to brewers and not hard liquors like whiskey and rums manufacturers.

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