Wednesday, September 30, 2015

St. Pete Beach Possibly Accepting Alcohol on Public Beaches

Lately there have been several discussions regarding the possibility of bringing alcohol on public beaches in St. Pete Beach, a well-known city in Pinellas County. This piece of news has brought with it a media hurricane, as the community does not seem to agree with this perspective. Of course the fear of turning a pleasant, quiet city into a spring break destination exists in minds of many of the St. Pete Beach locals, a fact which has led to so many discussions. Everything started when the focus fell on the people who deliberately brought alcohol to public beaches, even though they knew that this was against regulations. Apparently, the reaction of the city council was far from what the general public expects. Even though this does not mean that those who have crossed the law will not suffer the consequences of their actions, the mayor and city council were not appalled by this event. In fact, serious thinking is put into changing the alcohol regulations regarding private beaches.

This of course came as a real shock to much of the St. Pete Beach community who fear of turning their beloved city into a noisy spring break destination for college students. Once the commission started explaining the restrictions regarding alcohol on public properties, restrictions, which were considered by the majority of the individuals present at meeting as soft and rather relaxed, remarks did not fail to appear. Apparently, the idea of allowing alcohol on public beaches is rather difficult to accept by the people in part of the community. The situation could get rather problematic. On the one side, part of the community is appalled by the idea of creating even more opportunities for individuals to drink on public beaches. At the same time, regulating this matter through permits and licenses could bring order and structure to the picture, which is exactly what any city needs. However, out of this confusion, one aspect has been clearly stated-- permit or not, if individuals should have alcohol relate outbursts the law and order forces will take the necessary measures.

Further, if drinking on public beaches is allowed, this will only be valid for certain areas that have applied and received permits. For instance hotels or restaurant located on public beaches can offer their clients the option to drink alcohol on the beach on a particular area and in the basis of a permit. Otherwise, bringing alcohol to the beach is still not permitted. The truth is that the problem raised by the commission and the community of St. Pete Beach, Pinellas County is one more complex that it would appear in reality. This problem regards the concept of public property. The entire community has access to these beaches or other public spaces. The problem is that member of the same city, of the same community could have very different opinions regarding what should or should not be done in these locations, hence the misunderstandings.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sarasota Breweries Celebrate the New State Law

The beer industry in Sarasota and the entire Tampa Bay Area has always been popular among beer lovers, and in July they had an extra reason to celebrate: Breweries throughout the county toasted for the new state law that allowed them to offer clients 64-ounce growlers to take home. As the new law took effect, on July 1st, 2015, all breweries celebrated the beginning of a new era in the Florida beer industry and the end of a law that many considered quite confusing. The new 64-ounce growler is considered much more comfortable for a take-home packaging and will take the Florida beer industry to the next level.

The Big Top Brewing Company from Sarasota actually received a high mark in this year’s U.S. Open Beer Championship where judges tasted over 4000 beers from all over the world, thus making this mark very important in the prestige of the county and added something more to be proud of. The Florida beer scene has always been appreciated by locals and visitors alike and as the new law took effect and the award winning breweries were allowed to sell their product in a new packaging, the entire beer industry toasted to the event. This new bill is expected to increase the sales of beer, especially during tourist season, but also to maintain beer sales higher than before even when the season comes to an end.

Beer lovers from all over the country are now even more excited to visit Florida and breweries are always happy to accommodate their clients and make their experience as pleasant as possible. In fact, the number of breweries has certainly grown in the past few years throughout the country and Florida has around 150 operating breweries at the moment, a number the will continue to increase, especially with the new law that took effect in July. There are many beer festivals that take place in Florida and this year, the Sarasota Brandenton Beer Festival that takes place on Aug 8th has certainly got everyone excited. It is the first beer festival in the county after the new law and brewers are excited to share the new growler with their clients and tourists. Of course, there are many other beer festivals to come in Sarasota this year, so those who cannot join the one on the 8th can rest assured that they will have plenty of other options to choose from later on in August and September.

All in all, the new Florida law has definitely brought a lot of reasons to celebrate to Sarasota breweries and beer lovers will now be able to taste their favorite product from a brand new packaging. Whether they take a tour of the breweries or they join one of the beer festivals that are scheduled for this summer, they will have plenty of chances to experience first-hand the 64 oz. growlers and the highly appreciated Florida beer along with them. In sum, those who are planning a trip to Florida should definitely pay a visit to local breweries because they will not regret it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Broward County Turns by Night

When talking about nightlife, you just cannot exclude alcohol. It just won’t do. So, the moment you admit that a city or a county in general offers plenty of bars, nightclubs or restaurants, you instantly say yes to alcohol. From this point of view, Broward County has certainly made an impression. This is one area that has found it rather difficult to say no to alcohol, especially to beer. In this part of the country, people generally drink more beer than other types of beverages and to prove it, you have quite a significant number of recognized and well-appreciated breweries like Mack House or Laser Wolf. It’s true that other types of beverages are not that well represented in bars, but this is when nightclubs come in the picture and set the scale balancing things a bit. Indeed, important, fresh clubs like The Dubliner or Pawn Shop lounge offer customers the chance to try all sorts of beverages and not just beer.

Now that the season has almost arrived, it might a good idea to give a few pointers as far as nightlife is concerned. You might be surprised to hear, but Broward County has quite the vivid nightlife. It’s true that during the day, places like Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park and of course the almost famous Hollywood of Broward County, might seem quiet, even a bit dull. However, during the night, these cities completely change and become the ideal location for entertainment. No wonder so many tourists decide to visit these cities year after year. The bottom line is that the nightlife here is more vivid than you ever thought. It’s true, this is good news for tourists, but what about entrepreneurs. Surely you can imagine that you can actually run a profitable business like a bar or a restaurant, if the nightlife permits. Now that Broward County is welcoming more and more nightclubs like American Social or Bar Stache, both in Fort Lauderdale, it would appear that investing in this field might just be the break you have looking for. Prepare for the season and invest in a business that owns a complete liquor license. In some cases you might even be able to purchase a tavern or a restaurant, the actual building and its license.

You might have to make a few changes and work on reputation, where it is needed, but other than that, you should be just fine. The Broward County nightlife permits you to make a living out of entertainment. So, check the newspapers or one of the many dedicated websites and discover real opportunities. Many cities change from day to night. Bars, restaurants, cafes, all establishments of this kind open their doors to tourists and locals looking for entertainment. However, here is one important mention to all entrepreneurs who see the potential in the Broward County nightlife. Without owning a liquor license, purchased and annually renewed, your business plans will certainly not make it. So, consider this aspect, take all measures of precautions and see what type of business you would like to own. It could be a brewery, but at the same time, nightclubs with a great cocktail variety are a delight for tourists.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Santa Rosa Considers Alcohol Sales Permit for Events

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  • Santa Rosa considers alcohol sales permit for events

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      Posted Sep. 21, 2015 at 4:41 PM
      Updated Sep 21, 2015 at 4:44 PM 

      MILTON — Special events in Santa Rosa County may soon have access to a special permit that would allow alcohol sales on Sundays.
      Commissioner Rob Williamson brought the issue to the board because he is concerned the extreme physical endurance course Tough Mudder may not return without such an incentive.
      In the spring, the Santa Rosa Press Gazette reported restrictive alcohol sales times may keep the roughly 11-mile obstacle course through mud, freezing water and tear gas from returning next year.
      According to a report prepared by the Brooklyn, New York, based Tough Mudder, Inc, the event contributed more than $6.1 million to the local economy, as well as attracting more than 14,500 out-of-market visitors.
      Tough Mudder traditionally offers those who cross the finish line a free beer for their efforts after both the Saturday and Sunday runs. However, Tough Mudder took place in East Milton where liquor laws prohibit Sunday sales entirely.
      Tourist Development Council Director Julie Morgan said Tough Mudder organizers have “shown interest, but have made no solid plans” to return to Santa Rosa County in 2016.
      “We’re still in initial talks,” she said.
      Williamson’s proposed amendment does not directly name Tough Mudder, but special tourist events. Commissioner Jayer Williamson asked exactly what sort of qualifications an event would need to receive an alcohol sales permit. He said he had several questions such as what number of anticipated attendees might be necessary and the nature of the event.
      By the end of discussion, Commission Chairman Don Salter asked Williamson to work with County Attorney Roy Andrews to come back Thursday with details on how the permit will work.