Monday, May 29, 2017

Build Your Dream Business in Florida

Business owners everywhere are living the life right now in Florida. There's been a steady increase in Florida tourism over the last 6 years and it doesn't look like it'll be slowing down anytime soon. Florida received around 113 million tourists last year, those numbers include both domestic and international visitors.

So, if you've ever planned on starting a business, now is the time! Florida has a booming industry and it employed nearly 1.4 million people just for tourism alone last year. If the last 6 years has been any indication that business is good, it's time you start really thinking about whether you want to work that 9-5 you hate or be in the service industry working with interesting people from all over the world.

Setting up a business is not as hard as many people think. Yes, there's work involved, but so many people have paved their way in Florida that there's no reason why you can't either. Building a business is part of the American Dream and doing it in Florida where the weather is always great gives you just another reason why maybe it's time to get ahead and make a name for yourself.

If you're looking into opening your business in the service industry, then definitely consider getting an alcohol license. So many tourist come to relax and drinking is no exception! Many local business owners have seen an increase in the lunch rush that seems to last longer and longer than usual. More staff have been hired to compensate, but there's only so much an owner can do before they look to expand. Since Florida is sunny all year round, there's never a shortage of foreigners looking to escape the brutal winter or come down for vacation during spring and summer.

Some people have their reservations about being a business owner, but you know, it doesn't have to be risky. You can still keep your day job and work nights or hire someone you trust to manage the business while you're away. This gives you a safety net as you try to build your business while still having an income hit your bank balance every month. There are many ways you can structure and build your business in a smart way where you do not take on so much risk.

Here at Liquor License FL, we help business owners find the best option for them. So, if you're looking to get your business license in a timely manner or within a certain budget, then feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We have friendly staff ready to take your answers and help you build the dream business you've always wanted. We always strive to answer any questions you might have about what you need for the business and we can help you find the right liquor license for your county as well!

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Wakulla County Liquor License Available

Limited availability Liquor License available for use in Wakulla County. Please call for more details!!


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Gov. Scott vetoes bill to tear down ‘liquor wall’

The Florida Legislature narrowly approved a bill that would allow distilled spirits to be sold in grocery stores, but Gov. Rick Scott vetoed it.
The Florida Legislature narrowly approved a bill that would allow distilled spirits to be sold in grocery stores, but Gov. Rick Scott vetoed it. Yuriko Nakao Bloomberg


MAY 24, 2017 8:50 PM

Gov. Scott vetoes bill to tear down ‘liquor wall’

Monday, May 22, 2017

Retailers, Consumers Make Final Push for Governor to Sign SB 106

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As of mid-day Wednesay, Governor Rick Scott‘s office has received more than 4,500 contacts from citizens urging him to sign Senate Bill 106, which would allow retailers to sell spirits within their stores instead of forcing consumers to exit the retailer and enter a liquor store from a seperate entrance. Including contacts with legislators, total outreach in favor of the bill is nearly 24,000 emails, calls or similar correspondence.
To boost the effort, the Center for Consumer Freedom launched a petition in support of the bill and is urging people to share the link with friends, supporters and on social media.
If the governor signs the bill, supporters say it will enhance Florida’s economy and empower customer choice, and will instilling free market principles in an industry that has been “dominated by governmental protectionism since Prohibition.
Floridians for Fair Business Practices, a coalition of retailers and consumers, says that the bill is not only business-friendly, but would also encourage more innovation and promote competition.
“Signing this legislation into law sends a message to businesses around the country that Florida is open for business for companies big and small and that free market principles are alive and well in the Sunshine State,” the group said in a press release.
It’s a similar argument made by Governor Rick Scott himself, when he signed the recent ridesharing legislation into law:
“Florida is one of the most business-friendly states in the nation because of our efforts to reduce burdensome regulations and encourage innovation and job creation across all industries, including transportation,” Scott said in a statement posted on his official website.
The group also pushed back against what they described as a “last minute attempt” by some to defeat the bill.
A push earlier this week by a Baptist group erroneously claimed that the bill would allow minors to have increased access to alcohol. But data from state regulators tell a different story. Since 2012, liquor stores and convenience stores have been cited for selling alcohol to minors 192 times. Not a single large retailer or grocery store was cited over that same period. Pouring even more cold water on such arguments, a national survey of minors showed that among those who drink alcohol, less than 6% say they got it from a retail establishment.
Then there is the specious argument from liquor store owners that SB 106 will force them out of business.
Yet in states with no wall and similar regulatory structures, large retailers, on average, hold less than 10% of the available liquor licenses and independent liquor stores are still thriving. And SB 106 does nothing to affect Florida’s current licensing quota system. Retailers that already possess a liquor license will be able to move spirits inside their main store, next to the beer and wine many already sell.
There are few, if any, instances where Governor Scott has vetoed legislation to keep a regulation in place just for the purpose of protecting a narrow market segment. Given the points in favor of signing SB 106, the Governor has every reason to sign it into law.

How Bad Is The Bill That's Been Passed on Visit Florida?

The tourism industry is freaking out over what the Florida House of Representatives voted for last week. If you're not in the know, there was an 80-35 vote to cut funds dramatically to Visit Florida tourism agency. They also placed restrictions on how the agency uses their money. This was due, in part, to the lack of transparency in Visit Florida's spending. A recent leak showed that they paid $1 million to the singer Pitbull for him to appear in Florida-related ads. 

The tourism industry in Florida reached an all time-high last year and so it makes sense why everyone in the tourism industry is concerned by what's happening. In fact, residents of Florida are also worried because Florida's tourism industry has been the leading tax revenue generator and job provider for the state. If that goes, so many of Florida's people will take a hit as well.

Ken Lawson, the CEO of Visit Florida, is more than aware of the impact his company has on Florida's economy and he does not take this hit lightly. In a response to criticisms of some of their past deals, the company has taken measures recommended by Go. Rick Scott to make the organization more transparent.

Several news outlets freaked out over the news by dubbing it the 'end of the tourism industry as we know it', basically. Should small business owners panic? No way! There are several things to this here and we shouldn't let the news dictate the energy of the situation. Are they creating a storm out of nothing? Not quite. Yes, it's serious news that Visit Florida has budget cuts, but this will not mean the end to the tourism industry. If anything, we will continue to see a steady increase in tourism numbers.

Visit Florida is a large organization. Although many might have mixed feelings about what their doing to the state, and what the company stands for, the fact remains that by cutting budget Visit Florida will be affected slightly, but not dramatically. Visit Florida has already made efforts to showcase their transparency and this is a step in the right direction. Ken Lawson is also no dummy and he knows that despite the bill passing, his company will rise again. Visit Florida will still be spending money on marketing, albeit not as much.

Advertisers are still interested in attracting down Florida tourists and those marketing campaigns will not stop. Even if Visit Florida were to disappear in a day, Florida still has two tourism leaders in their corner, Visit Orlando and Experience Kissimmee. What many news outlets forget is that Florida's tourism and marketing has invested interest from advertisers like Coca Cola and Disney and there's no way they're going to let Florida slip by the wayside.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Liquor Licenses Available

We currently have liquor licenses available in Dade and Broward Counties with financing available.

Many other Florida Counties also available!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Where Are All the Margaritas?

If it's any indication over the last few years here in Florida, tourism marketing works. Last year, Florida saw an all-time high in tourists visiting their state and  it's not by accident. When you look at the fantastic blue sea, the events and activities Florida has to offer, it's wonder we've gotten the world's attention. Tourists from all over are coming down just to experience a little piece of Florida.

When you look at the number of people going out of their way to experience the sunshine state, then you must understand the importance of having margaritas and readily available alcoholic beverages for your customers. If you're planning to open any sort of restaurant or bar, then having a liquor license is a must. Tourism thrives on being able to sip on a beer in the mid-afternoon during lunch or after a long day out experiencing what Florida has to offer.

Although there are three tiers of licenses available in Florida, if you're planning on opening a bar, then you must apply for a vendor license. This allows you to sell alcohol to anyone above the age of 21 years at your location. If you were to try and apply for Florida's license lottery system, you may be waiting for your name/number to be called for....a while. Personally, we've known business owners who tried to stick it out and it ended up wasting years, yes, years of their time.

This is where a company like us comes in. We are a Liquor License brokerage firm specifically for the Florida market. We understand that savvy business owners need things now, not tomorrow, not later, not a year from now, they need their business running now. We are connected with sellers around the state to help you get your business start ASAP! Don't bother waiting for the lottery to strike. It's time to take things into your own hands.

If you need a license for your bar, then get in touch with us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. We've seen business booming over the years and now is the best time to capitalize on Florida's tourism industry plus those who decide to reside and retire here. Small business owners in the service industry are doing incredibly well because they knew that market trends are increasing and people are willing to pay top dollar for good food, good service, and good drinks!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to become a small business owner. Build your business and live your life by the sea! Grab a couple of margaritas and sit back and watch the influx in customers flow. Owning a business can be tough, but the rewards are often great. Let us help you get started with your dream business! Contact us today.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Lee County Liquor License Available

Clean Liquor License available for use in Lee County. Financing is available, call 239-205-4770 or stop by our office located at 2122 Victoria Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33901 for more details!!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Florida Welcomed Nearly 113 Million Tourists Last Year

Good news for Florida business owners everywhere! Florida residents saw 112.8 million tourists visit the state in 2016. That's a 5.9% increase compared to last year. We can see that Florida has been consistently growing in tourism for six consecutive years. This is because we've been doing great in our marketing efforts to attract tourists not just from within the U.S., but outside of the U.S. as well.

This increase in traffic has caused a spike in tourism jobs, which hit a record high of 1.4 million jobs. Businesses owners in the service industry have found Florida's tourism marketing to cause a positive influx in traffic to their business. There's a much longer lunchtime rush than ever before. According to Visit Florida, 98 million domestic visitors came to Florida last year, which is a 7.3% increase compared to 2015. Also, a total of 14.8 million international visitors came to Florida, and 3.7 million of those were from Canada alone.

In a press release, Ken Lawson, the Visit Florida's president and CEO said, “Six years of record-setting visitation would not be possible without a strong global marketing strategy focused on maximizing the economic impact of Florida tourism.” Now, although legislators have introduced a bill that would cut Visit Florida's budget, this does not necessarily mean tourism will take a hit as well. 

On a worldwide scale, tourism is increasing and Florida will not be held back by legislation to attract those visitors. In fact, it's safe to say that next year it will be another record hitting high in the tourism industry. There's been a lot money spent on marketing specifically to tourists and that won't just disappear by a single bill being passed by legislators.  Business owners can rest easy knowing that tourism will still be making a climb in the next couple of years.

If you've ever dreamed about being a business owner running their own bar or restaurant by the beach then now, if it's any indication, is the time to do it. You will absolutely love the influx in tourists during breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

If you want to apply for your liquor license, then feel free to send us a message and we'll be happy to send along more information. We are a license broker and can help you build that dream business you've always wanted to create. As tourism is booming and as more people start coming in, you'll regret that you didn't start this process sooner! Here at Liquor License FL, we make acquiring a license incredibly easy. All you have to do is ask us and we'll take it from there!

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