Wednesday, October 19, 2016

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Make Sure Your Business is Licensed Properly Pursuant to Florida Statute - Hire A Professional

MARIANNA, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - A club in Jackson County is now closed after deputies say they caught the owner selling alcohol without a license. 
"When the community usually complains about something, there's usually something to it, " said Sheriff Lou Roberts of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. He says they've received complaints about Club Secrets in Marianna as far back as 2009. 
"We would get sporadic complains from the neighbors in the area talking about loud music, the excessive amount of traffic and the problems that they were having as a neighborhood located adjacent to this location," said Sheriff Roberts. 
The Sheriff says the complaints led them to investigate further; resulting in a joint venture with the Florida Department of Alcohol, Beverage, and Tobacco. Investigators sent undercover agents inside Club Secrets on Saturday. They claim the owner, 55-year-old Granville Harvey, sold them liquor. 
"In order to sell alcohol the way they were doing it," said Sheriff Roberts, "you have to have a licence through the state of Florida and they did not comply with the requirements that they set forth in order to accomplish that." Deputies say they found 24 bottles of liquor and 95 bottles of beer. They also say they found approximately 35 grams of marijuana inside the club after the patrons were asked to leave the area. 
"Juvenile patrons are going in this facility and you can see by the amount of marijuana that was seized when people began to exit leaving their property and abandoning it," explained Sheriff Roberts. 
Sheriff Roberts says he just wants business owners to be in accordance with the law. "We have a lot of different establishments, clubs, whatever you want to call them in the county," said Sheriff Roberts. "We just ask for everybody to conform to the laws and the rules."
The club also received violations from the Fire Marshal's Office and Jackson County Health Department concerning the amount of people allowed to be inside the building. The penalties for some of the violations can be as much as $500 per day. Deputies say additional charges are possible.